Birthday Box

In Blog by Julie

In July, Speech Stuff celebrated our first birthday. It’s been a whole year of developing my Speech and Language Therapy service, working closely families and their children to support a range of communication skills. I love my job and feel extremely lucky to be able to support so many children and young people.

To celebrate Speech Stuff’s first birthday, last week I ran a competition on my Facebook page to give away one of my brand new Phonological Awareness Talk Boxes, before they go on general sale.

Developing parent and child friendly resources has been on my list of ideas for some time now and I am excited to finally launch my first Talk Box.

Phonological Awareness is the knowledge of sounds within words. These skills are important for speech sound development and early literacy skills so I decided to start with a box of resources to support this.

The boxes include written ideas to support parents with using the toys and additional suggestions for other activities. Activities support a range of Phonological Awareness skills including:

  • Environmental Sounds
  • Syllables
  • Compound Words
  • Rhyme Awareness
  • Identifying Sounds in Words

For many children with speech sound difficulties, developing Phonological Awareness skills is a really useful starting point. Children need to understand that words are made up of larger components (syllables) before they understand the individual sounds. Therefore they need to have good phonological awareness skills before they are able to change any errors they may make in their talking.

These skills are also important for early literacy skills as children need to be able to segment and blend the syllables and sounds in words verbally before they are able to do this in reading and writing.

The Talk Box is designed as an introduction to some of these skills and are suitable for children aged 3+. If you are concerned about your child’s speech sound development, you should always seek professional advice from a Speech and Language Therapist.

I’ve also been uploading a range of videos to YouTube to talk further about how you can support your child’s development in these different areas. Children learn best when they are having fun and I have included a range of ideas to support this to ensure that they are engaged in the activities.

The Phonological Awareness Talk Box is launching at a price of  £24.99 (including UK P&P). For further information about visit the Talk Box area of the website. 

I will be launching other Talk Boxes in due course to support a range of different areas of Speech and Language development. If you would like any further information, or you would like to order a Talk Box, please email