Celebrating Success

In Blog, RCSLT 75 by Julie

The RCSLT 75 theme for June is Service Users. The term service user broadly covers the individuals accessing a health care service. Speech and Language Therapists work with a range of service users of all ages, from all stages of life.

My service users are children and their families and I am passionate about the Speech and Language Therapy service I provide for them. Communication is a fundamental part of our lives and I continue to feel privileged to be able to support these skills in children to maximise their participation and help them to reach their full potential.

June has been a busy month working with a range of children and their families. I’ve worked with a broad range of children, for initial or review assessments, regular therapy and advice sessions for parents. All of these sessions have continued to be delivered online and it’s been a pleasure to see the children make such good progress. A number of the children I’ve been working with have met their targets and no longer need specialist Speech and Language Therapy sessions. I am thrilled with the achievements of the children and I look forward to continuing to support other children to reach their goals.

I am proud of the high quality, evidence based service I deliver and have continued to extend my learning throughout June. Continuing Professional Development is extremely important to me as I enjoy learning and am passionate about delivering the best possible therapy for the children I support. This month I have completed the final assignment for my Post Graduate Certificate in Speech Difficulties, attended online courses to support emotional regulation in children and have attended Elklan Independent Tutor training.

I have also been planning an extension to the services I offer, including online summer groups to support Phonological Awareness before children head to school in September. These small group sessions will be delivered online and a ‘Talk Box’ of toys and activities is also provided so that families can continue learning at home. For further details have a look on the Speech Sounds page of the website, or contact me for a chat.

It's a pleasure to work with so many families to support their children's communication skills and I look forward to seeing the progress they continue to make. The children (service users) make my job incredibly special and I am extremely grateful to be part of their journey.