Working with Families

Supporting you to support your child


We know that your children are the most important people in your life. This is why we are dedicated to providing a high quality and flexible service personalised to your child’s needs.

We can visit children in their own home or educational setting and also offer online services. We provide assessment and advice, and where appropriate we also offer a range of therapy approaches to support your child’s communication skills.

We offer flexible appointments at a time convenient to you and your child (including evenings and weekends).

How we can help

Your child may benefit from Speech and Language Therapy if they:

  • Are late to start talking
  • Have difficulties understanding what is said to them
  • Struggle to join words together in sentences
  • Have difficulties finding the word they need
  • Have anxiety about talking in certain situations (e.g. at nursery or school)
  • Have dysfluent talking (stammering)
  • If it is difficult to understand what they say (unclear speech sounds)


All children are entitled to a free NHS Speech and Language Therapy offer and you can refer your child directly to your local service or via your health visitor or GP. If you require additional therapy over and above the local NHS SLT offer, please get in touch. We work in liaison with NHS Speech and Language Therapists to ensure best outcomes for your child.

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