Holiday Fun

In Blog, Communication, Summer Holiday by Julie

The second week of the summer holidays has begun and with 5 weeks still to go, keeping your children entertained for the duration might feel like a daunting task.

Here’s a few ideas of activities to incorporate into your week that the children will enjoy as well as supporting their speech and language development.

1.       Listening Walk – give your child a checklist of things to listen out for when you’re out and about, for example cars, fire engine siren, birds, people talking, the wind etc. How long will it take for them to find them all?! Talk about the things you hear.

2.       At the Supermarket – give your child a verbal list of a few things to remember just before you go into the shop. When you get to there, ask if they can tell you what they are. This will help them to develop their memory skills. Also, when you’re at the supermarket give them clues to see if they can guess what you are looking for next e.g. ‘it’s a fruit and it’s yellow’ or ‘it’s cold and we put it in a cup of tea’

3.       Cooking – this can be a fun activity which can develop a range of skills. Give your child a list of ingredients they need to find in the kitchen, then get them to follow the instructions to make recipe. Give the child one instruction at a time and talk to them about what you are doing. Once the lovely food has cooked, talk about the taste and the texture. Get your child to re-tell the sequence of how they did it (to you or another adult).

4.       Board games – there’s lots of possibilities here and this can be especially good if the weather isn’t outdoor friendly. Board games are a great way of developing social skills, turn taking, and attention and listening. What’s your family favourite?