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Every Photo Tells a story…

In Blog, SLCN, Summer Holiday by Julie

Today is World Photography Day so I thought I would share some useful ideas to develop speech, language and communication using photos. We are all often taking photos to capture …

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Look for a Book

In Blog, Communication, SLCN by Julie

The latest craze sweeping the North East at the moment is ‘Look for a Book’. If you haven’t already heard, it’s an idea which is keeping children of all ages entertained and outside in the fresh air.

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Holiday Fun

In Blog, Communication, Summer Holiday by Julie

The second week of the summer holidays has begun and with 5 weeks still to go, keeping your children entertained for the duration might feel like a daunting task.

Here’s a few ideas of activities to incorporate into your week that the children will enjoy as well as supporting their speech and language development.

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Bercow 10 Years on…

In Bercow 10, Blog by Julie

Last month marks one year since the Bercow 10 Years on report was published. This allows a time to reflect on what has been achieved and the work that still needs to continue.